Be Integrated is proud to be involved with the Redevelopment of La Guardia Airport.
Airports are very complex geometrically and operationally, with over 40 technical systems.

Integrating the design makes systems more effective with less waste.

Areas of Expertise

Master Planning

Terminal Planning

Flight Schedule Analyses

Gate Layouts

Basis of Design

Staging and Phasing
Structural Engineering

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Engineering


System Integration

Team Experience

We have knowledge of aviation which comes from years of working on award winning, world class projects.
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be Integrated

Physical solutions that optimize the business

Flexible & Adaptable solutions for a changing business

Technical Expertise and Approach considering all elements.

Collaborative Approach

Deep understanding of all disciplines, from planning stages, including flows of people, cars, trains, planes, baggage, and all engineering systems, through all aspects of design & construction.

Strong understanding of airport, airline, and aircraft operational issues.

Strong understanding and collaborative approach to

Integrated solutions tying together all the complex interrelationships of operations, security, system technical requirements, build-ability and affordability.

We have a unique strength in staging and phasing

Allowing projects to be realized faster and be more expandable into the future

Maximizing the investment of airports and airlines and communities

Kunming International Airport:
A Case for Integration

The structural design by Nancy Hamilton while she was with Arup.

The iconic facade for Kunming Airport in Yunnan Province was inspired by the Ribbon Dance, which is from Kunming, China.
The unique twined ribbon arrangement creates stayed arches that both provide ductility for lateral loads, the efficiency of an arch, and reduced spans for the roof structure.
The high central spine in the ceiling collects and vents hot air, keeping it above the occupied zone.
Nancy Hamilton - Headshot

“Solutions for a better world come from expert technical and fully integrated solutions.”

Nancy Hamilton, Founder