Labs and

Areas of Expertise

Collaboration with Lab Planners for Technical System Plans

Basis of Design

Staging & Phasing

With over 20 technical systems, “complex” is usually the word used to describe laboratory and healthcare design.

“Elegant” is the word we like to use.

An integrated approach can deliver elegant solutions that are adaptable for varying research needs, and respond to the specifics of the client.
By integrating structure and services, we deliver more economical lab buildings that can be maintained and adapted easily.
The key issues vary with the owner: pharmaceutical, government research, university research, or university teaching – each with different goals and economic issues that drive the right technical solutions.
Be Integrated brings unique tools for the structural analysis of vibrations that have proven to deliver more economical structures with better understanding of sensitive areas.

Be Integrated

Physical solutions that optimize the business and operations.

Flexible & Adaptable solutions for a changing business

Technical Expertise and Approach considering all elements.

Collaborative Approach to teams and data.

Strong understanding of technical issues and how to design for precision yet also adaptability.

Strong understanding and collaborative approach to build-ability issues.

Integrated solutions tying together all the complex interrelationships of operations, security,

Team Experience

We have knowledge of laboratory and healthcare buildings which comes from experience on major precision lab and healthcare environments.
Laboratory and Healthcare Experience

“Great solutions for a better world come from expert technical and fully integrated solutions.”

Nancy Hamilton, Founder