LaGuardia Airport Central Terminal B

LaGuardia Gateway Partners Begin Lease and Redevelopment

An Anniversary to Remember…

As we celebrate our first year in business at Be Integrated, we also celebrate a major milestone on our first project: LaGuardia Airport Central Terminal Redevelopment.

New Life for an Aging Airport

Be Integrated is proud to part of the one of the largest country’s largest Public Private Partnerships for the $4 billion LaGuardia Redevelopment, which achieved the major milestone of secured financing of LaGuardia Airport’s Central Terminal B on June 1st. It is financed using equity, debt, and revenues.

The project includes a new 35 gate Terminal B, Central Hall, West Parking Garage, and supporting roads and infrastructure. The first new facilities will open in 2018, with substantial completion in 2022.

“Today is a milestone step forward for the project, the broader New York community and the nation,” said Stewart Steeves, Chief Executive Officer of LaGuardia Gateway Partners. “With the beginning of this lease, our team brings its award-winning experience to the project and will deliver a sustainably-designed, state-of-the art facility at LaGuardia Airport.”

Excellence in Design

This achievement allows New York and the country to replace not only an obsolete terminal, but to also reduce delays for an airport which is a critical link in the nation’s transportation infrastructure.

“Our team has brought together several of the world’s aviation leaders to benefit the Port Authority, the more than 14.3 million passengers who travel through LaGuardia’s Central Terminal B annually, and the airlines who serve them,” says Jane Garvey, Chairman of Meridiam North America. “ We understand the vital role that LaGuardia plays as a transportation hub, a regional economic engine, and a critical link in the nation’s aviation network.”

The design team brought unique solutions to unique challenges at LaGuardia Airport. The 35 gate, 1.3 m SF terminal redevelopment project features dual bridges for passengers to cross over active taxiways – a first in the world – that connect the terminal to two island concourses. The island and bridges design allows for improved aircraft circulation and gate flexibility, reducing delays.

The bridges span over a unique “circular” taxi lane system around the concourses. The island and bridges design reduces aircraft delays and provides more flexibility of operations.

From the western concourse bridge, a view of the Manhattan skyline epitomizes how the new terminal design uniquely reflects New York.

The project also features a gateway “Central Hall” that will allow linkage to future train and hotel amenities at the airport, and a new Garage with direct access to Ticketing and Bag Claim levels. During construction, the existing terminal will remain fully operational.

“Our focus on delivering a great customer experience is rooted in knowing that an airport terminal is the first and last experience a passenger may have when visiting a city and region.

We will build and operate a facility that New Yorkers can be proud of.”Stewart Steeves, Chief Executive Officer of LaGuardia Gateway Partners

The more than 1.3 million square feet of the new Central Terminal B is expected to achieve LEED Silver certification for sustainable design, using 30% less energy than terminals designed a decade ago.

The new Central Terminal Building will be flooded with natural light and feature exciting food, retail and beverage options for passengers.

Staging and Phasing
Integrated into the Design Concept

As one of the most congested airport sites in the world, the design solution was driven by the staging and phasing of the project.

In a very collaborative process with Vantage, Skanska Walsh and the design team, we were able to consolidate the terminal into a tall 4-story terminal within the site of the existing garage. A new garage replaces the existing. By using island L-shaped concourses located beyond the existing terminal footprint, the existing terminal and roadway frontage stays operational, and the concourses can be constructed in a series of stages to maximize gates during construction and minimize airline impacts.

That collaborative process reduces the time to deliver the new facilities, which reduces costs and increases revenues.

Nancy Hamilton, CEO of Be Integrated, highlights, “The uniquely New York solution was driven by the understanding that time as well as space are precious commodities at LaGuardia.”

Be Integrated has been critical to LaGuardia Airport’s success, providing design management and technical advice from concept stage to this critical milestone. Nancy Hamilton is CEO of Be Integrated and was also the Engineering Director for the concept phase in 2013.

LaGuardia Airport Central Terminal B

By The Numbers

  • $4 billion project value, of which two-thirds will be financed by private funds
  • 3 million square feet of new terminal
  • 14+ million passengers in 2015 (half of LaGuardia Airport’s current total passenger traffic)
  • 35 gates (same as existing terminal)
  • 8 airlines operate out of the terminal: Air Canada, American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Spirit and Virgin America
  • $1.3 billion in wages and $5.2 billion in regional economic activity
  • 39 months to opening of significant portions of the terminal, when 100 percent of passengers will check in at the new head house
  • Dual pedestrian bridges that span active taxi lanes (a first in the world)

The Be Integrated Difference…

Be Integrated is proud to bring this vision of LaGuardia to life. Our founder, Nancy Hamilton, has led $28 billion in built projects, including 20 yrs of experience on Port Authority projects which she brought to LaGuardia.

Our contributions will reduce construction and operational costs. We integrate the architectural vision seamlessly with the aviation and engineering systems to make the LaGuardia Airport a treasure come to life.

“You are great at turning ideas into working solutions. Never a problem. Always a solution.”

Jim Mayer, Skanska Walsh

We are proud to create solutions that are elegant, clearly organized, adaptable, and flexible to stand the test of time. We see the big picture and make connections that others do not see so we can deliver results other firms haven’t thought of.

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All statistics and images courtesy of the office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and LaGuardia Gateway Partners

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