The following are publications of Nancy Hamilton, founder of be Integrated.

“Reaching for the Skies: Structural Design Challenges for Tall Buildings” by David Scott, Nancy Hamilton, and Eric Ko, Civil Engineering Magazine, Feb 2005

“Structural Use of Glass in Buildings” by Chris Jofeh, & the Institution of Structural Engineers, December 1999. Technical contributor to Chris Jofeh.

“Theatre Builders” by James Steele, Academy Editions, 1996,
Contributing Author: Cerritos Performing Arts Center Case Study.

“Work of Art: Designing for Drama” by Nancy Hamilton, Civil Engineering Magazine, p 34-37,August 1995

“Steel Moment Frame Structures – Interim Guidelines for the Evaluation, Modification and Design of Welded Steel Moment Frame Structures,” SAC Joint Venture & FEMA Program to Reduce the Earthquake Hazard of Steel Moment Frame Structures, August 1995, contributing author & Task Advisory Panel

“Seismic Design Practice for Eccentrically Braced Frames,” AISC Steel Tips, Senior technical editor, 1992


The following are Lectures given by Nancy Hamilton, founder of be Integrated.

AIA Reception: “Exploring the DNA of Architecture: Engineering of the Art Institute of Chicago”, June 2014

Passenger Terminal Expo Conference, Paris, “Taming the Energy Hog: Energy Efficient Design Strategies Employed at Airport Terminals Worldwide”, March 2014

Perry Initiative for Young Women: “Building Engineering of Iconic Civic Buildings”, Feb 2014

Cal Poly SLO Structural Forum Key Speech, “Structure: Exploring the DNA of Architecture: A case study of Kunming Airport”, Jan 2013

ACC/AAAE (Airports Consultants Council / American Association of Airport Executives) Airport Planning, Design and Construction Symposium, Denver, Panelist: Procurement Strategies for Airport Redevelopment, March 2012.

Airport Cities Conference: “Transit Solutions for Airports and Airport Cities”, April 2011

Structural Engineers Association of Illinois: “Zero Gravity: Structuring a Masterpiece Through Integrated Building Engineering”, May 2009

Chicago Architectural Foundation: “High Performance and High Design”, Oct 2007

International Air Rail Organization (IARO) conference, “Fitting an Airport Express into a Complex Downtown Area: Chicago Block 37 Planning & Concepts”, April 2005

International Association of Arts Managers (IAAM) conference, “The Cutting Edge of Performing Arts Buildings”, Feb 2003

BBC Interview on the World Trade Center Collapse, Sept 12, 2001